2024 PSSA Testing Information

2024 PSSA Dates and Information
Posted on 04/09/2024

Building Test Dates


ELA:  April 24, 25, 26

Math:  April 30 and May 1

Science:  May 2-3



ELA:  April 22, 25, 26

Math:  April 29-30

Science:  May 2-3


ELA:  April 22, 24, 25

Math:  April 29-30

Science:  May 1-2

PSSA Parent FAQ and Electronic Device English.pdf

Preguntas frecuentes para padres de PSSA.pdf

Uso de dispositivos electrónicos.pdf


Parent Tips for Testing Weeks

  1. Talk about testing. Don’t brush over it. Discuss with your child how they are feeling about taking the tests.
  2. Stress that the tests are only a way to check what they know. Teachers expect effort, not perfection.
  3. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep.
  4. Prepare healthy meals and plan for plenty of snacks. And don’t skip breakfast. “Hangry” students don’t perform well.
  5. Keep your evenings low stress and activity free. Students need to decompress in the evenings, not be running to extra activities.
  6. Tell your child how proud you are of their efforts.

    Adapted from The Mom of the Year.
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