2023-24 District Goals

  1. Make progress toward academic proficiency for all students. 
  2. Promote an understanding of diversity and respect the differences among stakeholders.
    • Build cultural competence and equitable practices
    • Continue curriculum development/revisions
    • Diversify the workforce
    • Allocate resources to address needs
  3. Support and sustain positive social and emotional well-being for staff and students.
  4. Continue to increase the frequency of meaningful communication to parents/guardians.
  5. Implement supports to create a healthy school environment that promotes and endorses a sense of belonging where students and staff feel safe and free from harmful behaviors.
  6. Promote staff retention by focusing on professional growth opportunities; encouraging positive and inclusive work environments; and in-depth training, induction and mentor programs that provide clear communication and supportive feedback.
  7. Implement a math framework at each educational level to address instructional delivery, data analysis, and appropriate supports, interventions, and enrichment opportunities for students.
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