Public Behavior at Events

The district expects mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct by all individuals attending school events on district property.

Expected Behavior
Individuals attending school events on district property will not:

  1. Injure, threaten, harass or intimidate a district employee, sports official or coach or any other person.
  2. Act in an unsafe manner that could threaten the health or safety of others.
  3. Use vulgar or obscene language or gestures.
  4. Fight, strike or injure another person.
  5. Damage, deface or threaten to damage district property.
  6. Damage, deface or threaten to damage another individual’s property.
  7. Engage in any activity that violates any federal or state law or regulation or any local policy, regulation or ordinance.
  8. Violate any Board policy or district administrative regulation.
  9. Use any tobacco, nicotine or nicotine delivery product, except in an area designated and posted by the district. These rules do not prohibit the use of nicotine gum, patch or lozenge as a smoking cessation product by adults attending school events.
  10. Consume, possess, distribute or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.
  11. Possess or use weapons or dangerous devices prohibited by the district.
  12. Impede, delay, disrupt or interfere with any school activity or event, including using cellular telephones in a disruptive manner.
  13. Enter upon any portion of district or school premises at any time for purposes other than those that are lawful and authorized by the Board.
  14. Operate a motor vehicle in a risky manner, in excess of posted traffic signage, or in violation of an authorized district employee’s directive.
  15. Engage in any risky behavior, such as roller skating, roller blading or skateboarding.
  16. Fail to obey the directive of an authorized district employee, security officer, school police officer, school resource officer (SRO) or local law enforcement official.

As circumstances warrant, the administrator in charge will take appropriate action, including warning the person in violation, requesting the person to immediately leave district property, contacting law enforcement officials, and seeking to deny future admission to school events.

Continuation or escalation of prohibited behavior after a warning will result in ejection from the event premises.

Behavior that is unlawful or in violation of Board policy or administrative regulations may result in immediate ejection of the person in violation from the event premises.

Disruptive behavior by a group when individual persons cannot be identified may result in the ejection of offending areas of spectator seating.

A district employee may request identification from any individual on district grounds and in district buildings. Refusal to provide such information is a criminal act and may result in a request to leave district property.

An employee involved in an incident with an attendee at a school event will complete an incident report and submit it to the building principal or immediate supervisor, who will report the incident to the Superintendent.

Crowd Control
A designated administrator will be assigned responsibility for monitoring and supervising the orderly conduct of students and spectators attending school events on district property. Crowd control procedures may include the following:

  1. The administrator will ensure that enough authorized district personnel are assigned to provide adequate supervision.
  2. The administrator may request law enforcement officials to be present if s/he anticipates the crowd may pose a behavior or safety problem, and may direct the placement of the officers.
  3. The admissions gate and/or entrances will be regulated, and admission will be limited to eligible students, spectators and other authorized attendees. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be admitted.
  4. If a disturbance occurs, the administrator will determine if the event needs to be concluded, and s/he may close the event and direct those in attendance to immediately leave school grounds.


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