2021 School Directors Recognition

2021 School Directors Recognition
Posted on 01/19/2021
School Directors Month

Nine out of every 10 students in the United States attend public schools. Therefore, access to high-quality public education is crucial not only for our children’s success, but for the strength of our society. It takes a team of dedicated people – teachers, administrators, staff, parents and other community members – to provide that education. The nine members of your local school board are a key part of this team, making informed decisions that shape our public schools. As locally elected officials, school directors are invested in their communities. They are our neighbors, friends, local leaders, parents and engaged citizens.

On average, school directors devote up to 10 hours per month to the complex responsibilities of board business, including adopting policy, voting on budgets, evaluating school security issues and reviewing hiring decisions.

January is designated School Director Recognition Month – a time for us to celebrate and recognize the challenging and vital work boards do on behalf of our students, schools and families. During this month designated for recognizing these public servants, please take a moment to express your gratitude for school directors’ time and efforts year-round on behalf of our communities.

John Ponnett John A. Ponnett Jr., President
Board member since 2016

“I chose to be part of the School Board for two main reasons. First, ‘giving back’ and volunteering my time is something that is important to me. Secondly, and as important as the first, is making sure that we invest in the educational experience of our students and ensure our teachers have the resources necessary to do the great work they do. These are important functions of the Board and I’m thankful to be part of those efforts.

“There are many memorable highlights that I’ve seen take place while serving on the
School Board. Being able to see students grow and excel are always at the top of list. From students demonstrating leadership in model state government experiences, growing academically as well as through the arts and athletics, or just working hard as they prepare for the next stage of their life, has been great to see. Additionally, some of my favorite Board moments are having the opportunity to listen to students attend Board meetings to highlight ‘teachers of influence.’ It is so inspirational to celebrate teachers who find new and creative ways to shape students into leaders of the future.” 

Jennifer Scott Jennifer M. Scott, Vice President
Board member since 2015

“I enjoy representing the community in their views concerning educational matters and I like to see how all Board members collectively come together for a united purpose to do what is in the best interest for our school district. A top priority for me is to always do what is best for our students and taxpayers when making decisions and voting on things.”

Chris Lupp Christopher A. Lupp, Treasurer
Board member since 2015

“I have chosen to be a part of the MASD School Board because it is the best way to have a direct impact on my children's education. I am a 1990 graduate of MAHS and active participant in the community and athletics, so it's a great way to stay connected. Every month we hear from and recognize students and staff for their accomplishments. These are constant affirmations of my pride in our District and passion to support our students and staff.”

Mike Corradi Mike P. Corradi
Board member since 2013

“I have been a lifelong resident of Middletown Area School District and have great pride in our communities. When I ran for School Board in 2013, my main goal was to make Middletown Area School District the very best in academics, athletics, and the arts! I want to make sure the students in our District are given the tools to succeed in school and in their future endeavors. I enjoy discussing concerns and hearing positive feedback from Middletown residents and working with other Board members and staff members to improve the District in every way possible. Middletown Area School District has contributed so much to my life that I felt it is my time to give back.

Some notable highlights over the years include recognizing some of most amazing staff and students for their achievements, planning the construction of the high school, and witnessing teachers and other staff members go above and beyond to help students and the community in times of need.” 

Mel Fager Melvin A. Fager Jr.
Board member since 2007

“After my father passed I didn’t have the chance to live in Middletown except for summers. During the summers I always heard how he loved Middletown and was a Blue Raider through and through. Over the summers I realized the people in Middletown are like no other. It was a great mix of people and I wanted to move back as soon as I got out of school. I challenged myself to continue making the difference in Middletown just as he did up to the minute of his passing.

Highlights over my years on School Board are many. One part I really enjoyed is the conversations over the years with people in town. Agree or disagree, it was never a forever argument if we had different opinions. The biggest highlight in the many years I have served is how far we have come as a District to improve the education of our children. Even when COVID hit, we were a head of the curve already with iPads. I could go on and on. I just am very honored to be serving our Middletown Area School District.” 

Andy Kinsey Andrew T. Kinsey
Board member since 2019

“Being a Middletown School Board Member has provided me the opportunity to give back to a community that embraced me when I was a kid. I joined just before the pandemic. I’m proud of how the students, parents, teachers, administrators and board members are rallying together to get thru these challenging times. Raider pride is alive and well!” 

Linda Mehaffie Linda S. Mehaffie
Board member since 2015

“I wanted to be a Board member so I could help the team make MASD one of the BEST SCHOOL DISTRICTS AROUND. Some highlights of my time on the Board so far were the start of Middletown Area Recreational Alliance and the Middletown Area Blue Raider Foundation, of which I am the Executive Director. Another accomplishment is the addition of the Turf Field.” 

Darnell Montgomery Darnell L. Montgomery
Board member since 2016

“I have chosen to be part of the MASD Board of Directors to continue my effort to influence the young minds of our students. The most memorable moment of my time as a Board member was being able to hand my son his diploma when he graduated from MAHS.” 

Stephen Shemler Stephen C. Shemler
Board member since 2019


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