Student iPad FAQs

Will my student be permitted to take the iPad home?

Students with a signed Parent iPad Agreement will be permitted to take the iPad home. The District will provide a three-week grace period during which parents should sign and return the form to the Middletown Area Middle School. After the grace period, any student who has not returned a signed form will be permitted to use the iPad during the school day, but the student will not be able to take the iPad home until the signed form is received.

Will the District provide iPad accessories or Apps?

Each iPad will be placed in a case to provide maximum protection against drops. Students will be issued one (1) USB cable and one (1) power adapter. Each iPad will be pre-installed with Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and iMovie apps.

Are there any fees involved with my student receiving an iPad?

The District will not charge an upfront fee to families for use of the iPad. In the event that the iPad is damaged or stolen, the family will be required to pay a $50 deductible. In the event of theft of the device, the family must file a police report and provide a copy of the report to the District. If the iPad is stolen and a copy of a police report is not provided, the family will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the device and accessories.

Do I need Wi-Fi at home?

While Wi-Fi access at home will allow full utilization of the iPad, it is not required. Middletown staff will make every effort to accommodate students with no home Wi-Fi access. Students without Wi-Fi will be able to access reading materials, documents, and many apps. It is suggested that families that are eligible for free and/or reduced lunch contact Comcast to explore discounted Internet services through the Comcast Internet Essentials Program.

Will the Internet be filtered for content?

All student Internet access through iPads while on and off MASD property will be filtered through the District’s Internet Content Filter. Internet filtering and monitoring at home is highly recommended as it provides the best mechanism for keeping your student safe.

May other members of the family utilize the iPad?

Parents/legal guardians may utilize the iPad with the student or to monitor the student’s use of the device. We strongly encourage monitoring the student’s home use of the iPad. The District believes that proper monitoring inside and outside of school is essential for student safety and success.