Health Services

Sad childA student should stay home if not feeling well enough to participate in the educational process of the school day or if they have an illness which may be contagious. If an antibiotic has been prescribed for treatment of an illness, the child may not return to school until the antibiotic has been taken for at least 24 hours. Students should be fever free, without the use of fever-lowering medications (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc) for 24 hours before returning to school. Under the following circumstances a student should not attend school:

•  Fever of 100 or greater
•  Uncontrollable coughing
•  Cough that is excessively productive
•  Diarrhea
•  Vomiting
•  Severe sore throat

Emergency Contact Information

If a student becomes ill during the school day, a parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up their child from the school. A current telephone number of a relative or neighbor must be updated in the PowerSchool Parent Portal in case of an accident or illness. A student will not be excused to go home because of illness unless the parent or designated person is contacted.

Pennsylvania School Immunization Requirements

For the PA Department of Education Immunization Requirements click HERE.

Physicals & Dental Examinations

A medical examination is required when first enrolled in school, in sixth grade, in eleventh grade, and for new entrants who do not have a health record on file. A dental examination is required when first enrolled in school, in third grade, in seventh grade, and for new entrants who do not have a dental record on file. The District accepts reports of private physicals and dental examinations completed within one year prior to a student’s entry into a grade where an examination is required. In meeting the requirements of the law, parents are urged to have family physicians and dentists complete the required examinations since they are more familiar with the child’s medical and dental history and needed health care. Examinations may be completed at the parent/guardian’s expense within one year prior to the student’s entry into the grade where an examination is required.

Medicine in Schools

According to Board Policy and the Public School Code of Pennsylvania, school nurses may not administer or dispense prescription medications without written permission from a parent/guardian and a doctor. Student Medication Forms are available from the school nurse and can also be found on the Parent Center on the District website.

Medication must be sent to the school nurse in its original container, accompanied by a note signed by the parent indicating the number of pills in the container and a phone number where the parent may be reached during the day. The note and the medication must be in a sealed envelope and delivered to the nurse’s office upon arrival to school. The school nurse will contact the parent to confirm the quantity of pills arriving to school that day. The medication will be kept in the nurse’s office. The student must come to the nurse’s office to take the medication.

The school nurse is not permitted to administer over the counter or patent medications without a doctor’s and parent’s written permission. These medications include aspirin, Tylenol, Visine etc. Students may carry their own cough drops.

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