MAMS Student Dress Code

00 MS dress codeThe Middletown Area School District believes that students perform at their best in classroom situations if a standard for good grooming is followed. The value of a clean and neat appearance cannot be over-stated. Well-dressed and well-groomed students are also a well-disciplined group of students. Appropriate dress is that which is not offensive and isn’t a distraction to the learning environment. All students must be neat and clean in order that a healthy and educationally conducive atmosphere can be maintained.

Students who do not abide by the provisions of the dress code will be counseled by teachers, counselors or principals. When necessary, parents will be contacted to bring a change of clothing. To ensure a safe, healthy, and educationally conducive environment, consistent violation of this dress code may result in disciplinary action.


  • Appropriate footwear must be worn for health and safety reasons. Bare feet, house shoes, sandals, flip-flops, slippers, and crocs are not permitted.
  • Clothing that is fringed, frayed, torn, oversized, or dragging on the floor and considered unsafe is not permitted.
  • Shorts may be worn to school from the first day of school through October 31 and from April 1 through the end of the school year. Short length may not be any higher than three (3) inches above the knee. Females may wear pants that are mid-calf or longer in length.
  • No clothing should be worn that is too short, tight, or immodest. This includes, but is not limited to, thermal underwear as an outer garment, bare midriffs or torsos, exposed cleavage, thin, mesh or see-through attire.
  • Scrubs, pajamas and attire that resembles pajamas are not permitted unless approved by the principal.
  • The length of skirts may not be any higher than three (3) inches above the knee.
  • Jackets, coats, parkas, heavy winter coats or any clothing considered outdoor wear should not be worn in school and must be secured in lockers during school hours.
  • Headgear, including but not limited to, sunglasses, headbands, caps, hats, bandanas, hairnets, skull caps, scarves, pre-wraps, excessive hair decorations, etc, is not permitted except for religious or medical purposes upon approval from the principal.
  • Clothing or accessories containing slogans, symbols, pictures, words or advertisements that are a distraction to the educational process are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, slogans such as tobacco, drugs, alcohol, ethnic slurs, cults, gangs, weapons, sexual references, satanic references, or double meaning slogans/symbols.
  • Inappropriate and potentially hazardous jewelry/decorations/accessories including, but not limited to, a glove or gloves, excessive rings, spiked wristbands/necklaces, heavy chains, dog collars, etc are not permitted.
  • Excessive make-up or face art should not be worn.
  • Female tank tops must meet the “three finger rule”: the tank top strap must be as wide as three fingers on a student’s hand. Off the shoulder tops are not permitted. Shoulder blades must be covered.
  • Males may not wear muscle shirts, tank tops or open sleeve jerseys unless worn over an appropriate garment such as an acceptable t-shirt.
  • Undergarments must be worn but must be completely covered by outer clothing.
  • Oversized or bulky sweatshirts and hoodies are not permitted.
  • Pants worn below the waist (sagging garments) and extra-long, baggy pants (pant legs that totally cover or hide the shoes) are not permitted.
  • Inappropriate accessories, dress, cosmetics, lettering across the buttock or the like, which creates a substantial disruption to the educational setting are prohibited.
  • Hairstyles or wigs that are a safety concern are not permitted.
  • Writing on the body is prohibited.
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