Student Dress Code

The Middletown School District believes that pupils perform at their best in classroom situations if a standard for good grooming is followed. The value of a clean and neat appearance cannot be over-stated. In our professional judgment well-dressed and well-groomed students are also a well-disciplined group of students. Appropriate dress is that which is not offensive. All students must comply with the following rules and regulations on appearance:

  • Tank tops will be permitted if they meet the “three finger rule”. (The tank top strap must be as wide as three fingers on a student’s hand in order to be considered legal). Males no tank tops or open sleeve jerseys.
  • All students shall be neat and clean in order that a healthy and educationally conducive atmosphere can be maintained.
  • Students whose hair styles create hazards to laboratories, shops, and physical education classes must provide head coverings in such classes to insure safety.
  • Excessive make-up or face art should not be worn.
  • No footwear should be worn that is a hazard in the shop area, labs, or physical education areas. (i.e. flip-flops, etc.) *Appropriate foot covering must be worn for health and safety reasons.
  • Clothing that is fringed, frayed, torn, or dragging on the floor and considered unsafe is not permitted. For example, jeans with holes and tears should not reveal skin and/or undergarments for modesty and safety purposes.
  • Undergarments should not be visible. Pants must be worn at the waist.
  • No slogans, pictures, words, jewelry or patches are permitted if they are a distraction to the educational process. This includes double meaning slogans/symbols, tobacco, drug and alcohol slogans/advertisements, ethnic slurs, sexual references, or satanic references, cults, gangs, weapons, etc.
  • No clothing should be worn too tight, frayed, or immodest as to be distracting to the educational environment. This includes: thermal underwear as an outer garment, strapless, single strap, and narrow-strapped tops, bare midriffs or torsos, muscle shirts, see-through attire. Spandex pants are not permitted. Capri pants must reach mid-calf. Clothing that resembles pajamas is not permitted. The length of female’s skirts must cover the majority of the thigh.
  • Shorts are not permitted from November 1 to March 31, except for physical education classes (as required). Guidelines for shorts will be established by the principal and available for students, staff, and parents.
  • No bare feet.
  • Inappropriate and potentially hazardous jewelry (i.e. spiked wristbands/necklaces and chains) and decorations are not permitted. This includes bandannas, scarves, and other excessive hair decorations, a glove or gloves, excessive rings, etc.
  • Headgear of any kind is not permitted.Radios, headphones, CD players, or similar items are not permitted and should be away unless exceptions are made by the principal.
  • Cellular phones and other communication devices are not permitted to be used during school hours (7:15am to 2:30pm). Cellular phones are to be secured in lockers before the student arrives to homeroom. Cell phones that are visible during school hours, in use or not, will be confiscated. The school district shall not be liable for loss, damage, or misuse of any electronic device brought to school by a student.
  • Outside jackets and coats must be secured in the locker during school hours. (Exceptions to this rule may be made by the administration.)
  • No Parkas or heavy winter coats to be worn in class or hallways. Oversized or bulky sweatshirts and “hoodies” are not permitted.

Students who do not abide with the provisions of the dress code can expect to be counseled by the teachers, counselors, or administrators. Consistent violation of this code may result in further action as deemed necessary. Relaxation of the student dress code will be at the discretion of the school officials. Those students who are deemed inappropriately dressed may be sent home to change, provided with an appropriate garment (i.e. shirt) by building administration, and/or disciplined for repeated or flagrant violations.