Emergency Communication

Emergency CommWhen Middletown Area School District receives word of a situation that may compromise the safety of our students and staff, the administration immediately follows the protocol dictated in the District’s All Hazards manual. In each incident, the District must follow clear guidelines to immediately address the safety of our students and staff first. The District is also subject to the authority of local police and will always follow police orders. Since the District prioritizes student safety, all manpower is dedicated to handling the incident immediately in order to bring about a quick resolution. Once the District is confident that all emergency procedures are underway and personnel and/or local authorities are addressing the matter, we will then communicate to parents/guardians what can be shared about the incident.

Please be aware that outlets such as news media and social media may broadcast information quickly, but not necessarily accurately. Our desire is to deliver correct information to parents/guardians in a timely manner in order to put their minds at ease. Communications will be posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter as soon as authorities grant us permission to deliver a statement. In some cases, communicating information too early may actually jeopardize the situation and put students and staff in greater danger. We ask that parents/guardians please wait for the published statement from the District rather than trust information that they may receive from social media, a text, or a phone call from a student or other individual.

How does the District contact you in an emergency?
If an incident does NOT require parental action, information regarding the incident will usually be delivered by email only. This is considered an informational communication that is simply keeping parents informed. Since there is no action needed from the parent, the District desires to limit the number of disruptions parents receive and reserve phone calls for true emergencies. If an incident requires parental action, such as picking up children from school or from another location, parents will receive a phone call, text or email based on the preferences they have indicated in their child’s PowerSchool account. We cannot stress enough the importance of having updated and accurate information completed for each child in your household. It is the District’s only way to contact you should an emergency arise. We greatly appreciate your cooperation as we prioritize the safety of your children.

Be prepared for emergency communications by updating your Mass Communications preferences in your PowerSchool Parent Portal found here.

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