2019 Youth & Government

2019 YouthGovt BANN

Front row: Cassidy Anderson, Valerie Wilmath, Isha Shah, Stephanie Finsterbush, Aayushi Patel, Natalie Maneval, Ciara Neyer
Back row: Dylan Bernola, Angelina Torres, Terrance Jefferson, Aiden Amspacker,
Adam Moore, Alexis Jefferson, Jocilyn Koser, Anthony White, Elijah Smith

2019 Youth & Government Model Government Convention
Written by Aayushi Patel

The high school and middle school Youth and Government clubs participated in the 2019 Model Government Convention at the state Capitol from April 11th to April 14th.

Terrance Jefferson helped lead the conference as the Gold Speaker of the House, and Angelina Torres led the Blue Senate Public Health And Welfare Committee as committee chair. Stephanie Finsterbush and Alexis Jefferson both served as secretaries of the Blue House of Representatives and of the Gold Senate respectively. Aayushi Patel served as the Blue Senate Liaison on the Governor’s Administration which is the second highest position on the cabinet. Valerie Wilmath and Elijah Smith were a lobbyist team for prison reform, and Jocilyn Koser and Isha Shah were a lobbyist team for women’s rights. Cassidy Anderson, Dylan Bernola, and the middle school students all served as representatives and senators in the legislative process.

All eight high school bills made it out of committee, and two of our bills made it through committee and the first chamber, and the next two bills were signed by our youth governor resulting in 5 high schoolers, or 50% of our club, being recognized for their legislation.

The bills that were signed into law were “Reforming Primary Elections,” authors Senator Angelina Torres and Representative Stephanie Finsterbush and “Including a Consent form for pregnant women who do/do not wish to receive an episiotomy,” authors Isha Shah, Senator Angelina Torres, and Representative Cassidy Anderson.

Seniors Terrance Jefferson, Aayushi Patel, Stephanie Finsterbush, Elijah Smith, Valerie Wilmath, and Jocilyn Koser all received their senior chords from the YMCA Youth and Government Directors for being in the organization for at least two years. Angelina Torres was recognized as the Outstanding Blue Senate Committee Chair.

High school club advisors, Emily Wolfe and Caitlin Hunt, assisted the Press Corps with the production of four successfully printed and reviewed newspapers and online content.  Middle school advisor, Dale Shreiner brought five middle schoolers to the convention, and eighth grader Natalie Maneval won the Outstanding Page Award.

Finally, two high school delegates were chosen by an anonymous committee of adult observers to attend the Conference of National Affairs. Terrance Jefferson, class of 2019, will be attending the national conference for the second time, and Angelina Torres, Class of 2020, will be attending the national conference for the third time.

This is only a snapshot of the entire year of what Youth and Government does. We are ready for the next day, and we wish our seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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