ELL Students Tour Capitol with Rep. Mehaffie

ELL Rotunda

ELL in stairwell

The English Language Learners from MAMS and MAHS traveled to Harrisburg for a visit to the Whitaker Science Center and the State Capitol building. The thirty students from over ten different countries/territories were accompanied by middle and high school teachers, Mrs. Vicky Nguyen, Mr. Trevor Davis, Mrs. Joy Oberholser and Mr. Jesse Woodrow. Many of the students had never been to the city of Harrisburg before. The students were very excited as some of them have never even visited government buildings in their countries of origin.

The students began their day at City Island and walked across the bridge observing the river and the Harrisburg skyline. Their first stop was the Whitaker Science Center where they did a variety of activities including operating Spheros, experiencing a tornado, and testing their strength and endurance. Next, the students walked to the Capitol where they were met by Representative Tom Mehaffie. Representative Mehaffie met their tour group and brought them to the floor of the House of Representatives while explaining what he did in his role as a Representative. The students were able to enjoy their lunches with Representative Mehaffie as well. He answered their questions and shared his journey to public service. The trip ended with a stop at Strawberry Square before walking back over to City Island.

ELL crossing bridge Ell at Whitaker ELL Mehaffie

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