Reid 4th Graders Raise $815 for Humane Society

Kaylor Popcorn BANN

Melissa Kaylor’s fourth-grade class at Reid Elementary has been learning about entrepreneurship through the Junior Achievement (JA) program. With the help of their JA volunteer and Reid parent, Jan Webb, they built a mini-business called “Kaylor’s Poppin’ Popcorn.”

popcorn trioIn the process of creating their company, the students learned about expenses, how to make a profit, and effective marketing strategies. The students voted on a name for their business and determined that their profits would be donated to the Humane Society. Students created posters and advertised their business to their parents and the Reid staff. 

Kaylor’s Poppin’ Popcorn was open for business on March 29, 2019 in the Reid LGI room. Popcorn was sold for $2 per bag to Reid staff, students and parents. Mrs. Kaylor noted, “The kids loved working their shifts throughout the day in the LGI, and took their jobs so seriously. It was amazing to watch them in action. I’m so thankful for the REID students, parents, and staff who made this happen in such a short time frame.” 

With the help of Mrs. Webb and parents from PTO, the 4th grade class succeeded in raising $815.70 for the Humane Society! By selling only POPCORN! Congratulations, Kaylor’s Poppin’ Popcorn, on your successful business!

popcorn bags

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