Stellar Student @ Reid

Stiffler.Mason BANN

Mason Stiffler is a 5th grader at Reid Elementary School who is leaving a significant impression on his teachers. So when Mrs. Marianne Moore heard we were looking for students to be featured as Stellar Students, she immediately thought of Mason. “While I had not met Mason Stiffler before his fifth grade year,” says Mrs. Moore, “he immediately displayed a maturity uncharacteristic for someone his age. He is conscientious when completing all classwork, testing, and activities in his subject areas which has resulted in a successful academic year.”

When Mason was asked why he thought he was selected as a Stellar Student, he had a difficult time answering because he is too humble to talk about himself. “I don’t know. It’s weird to brag about myself.” So we turned back to the description that Mrs. Moore had submitted and let Mason respond to each statement she wrote about him. The following ensued:

Mrs. Moore: “Mason has that very admirable quality of being aware of things going on around him and following through to assist classmates and adults. He is able to assume many responsibilities without direction, and he takes the initiative to contribute whenever and wherever a need arises.”

Mason: “I’m kind and help other people; like if they need help with their work.”

Mrs. Moore: “Mason is friendly and outgoing and enjoys playing football at recess where he can always be relied on to show great sportsmanship and cooperation.”

Mason: “I like sports. I play travel basketball and baseball. I’d like to play professional baseball some day.”

Mrs. Moore summed it up well: “Mason certainly is an example of how positive actions can result in developing a self-confident and leadership distinction among his classmates and teachers.”

The boy of few words did share one more interesting fact about himself, “I have a bearded dragon named Fluffy.”

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