PSSA Testing


The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) testing for Middletown Area School District will be administered during the months of April and May. The following information will assist parents/guardians in partnering with teachers as they work together to provide students with a positive testing experience.

Electronic Devices Statement:
Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss with their children Pennsylvania Department of Education’s statement regarding the consequences of possession of electronic devices during testing: Electronic Device Policy.

Parent Responsibilities:
The following parent tips can help your child have a positive testing experience.

  • Be sure your child gets plenty of sleep during the testing period. Adequate rest provides focus, alertness and clear thinking.
  • Provide breakfast for your child. Starting the day right will boost your child’s energy.
  • Avoid scheduling appointments during testing days.
  • Be prompt for school. Being tardy can interfere with the testing process.
  • Be your child’s cheerleader! Provide positive and uplifting encouragement for your child.
  • Be familiar with the Parent/Guardian Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ sheet.

Subjects Tested:
English/Language Arts (ELA): Grades 3-8
Math: Grades 3-8
Science: Grades 4 and 8 only

Testing Schedule:
All testing is held in the morning.

Kunkel & Reid Elementary
ELA: Grades 3-5, April 15-17
Math: Grades 3-5, April 29-30
Science: Grade 4, May 1-2
Fink Elementary
ELA: Grades 3-5, April 24-26
Math: Grades 3-5, April 29-30
Science: Grade 4, May 1-2
ELA:  Grades 6-8, April 16, 17, 23
Math: Grades 6-8, April 29-30
Science: Grade 8, May 1-2
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