Kindergartners @ Fink Send Valentines Around the Country

Fink Val BANN

Mrs. Michele Reiber’s Kindergartners at Fink joined other Kindergarten classes around the country in spreading Valentine cheer. Each class created a handmade Valentine to mail to another school. Enclosed with their Valentine was a letter that described their community and included a photo of their class. The Fink class sent their wishes to 20 schools around the U.S. and received back 16 Valentines from PA, MD, NY, OH, KY, NC, GA, TX, WI, NE, MT, CA, and AZ. Each time a new letter arrived, the students were so excited to open it, hang up another beautiful Valentine, and mark their map with a heart to indicate from which state the letter was received.

Way to spread love around the country, Fink Kindergartners!

Fink Val COLL

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