Stellar Student @ Reid

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Ace Hartnett is a sport-loving 4thgrader at Reid. He really enjoys playing basketball and baseball. Ace has been on a basketball team for 3 years and a baseball team for 4. Outside of school, Ace loves playing basketball with his dad and two younger brothers. He also lives with his mom, older sister, and their cat Taco.

Ace’s favorite subject in school is math. He particularly likes the challenge of figuring out the answers, and right now he’s working on division! For Ace, math comes naturally but he admits “division is hard.” Along with math, he has an interest in reading, specifically the Goosebumps series. Ace enjoys playing kickball and basketball with his friends at recess.

Ace’s teacher, Ms. Camposarcone, selected Ace as a Stellar Student because he is an extremely hard worker. “If Ace doesn’t understand something, he never gives up. He keeps working and working until he gets it.” She said he has made so much progress this year because of his diligence. His teachers are so proud of him! Way to go, Ace!

Adriene Funck, Communications Intern

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