Stellar Student @ Kunkel

Freitas.Christopher BANN

“Can I Tell You Sumpin’?”

His name is Christopher. He’s a Kindergartner at Kunkel Elementary. He may be little, but he’s full of personality and cuteness; and extraordinary kindness.

Christopher is the big brother to one brother and two sisters. At age six, this means mom and dad have four kids ages six and under! Now that’s a busy household! Christopher likes to hold his 5-month old baby sister. “Can I tell you sumpin’? Every time Lyla sees me she just stares at me and turns her head to look at me. She doesn’t want to take her eyes off of me!”

Christopher was so much fun to chat with! Here are just a few things Christopher would like to share about himself.

What are you learning in Kindergarten?
“Apparently, Ms. Tobias is teaching me stuff I already know. Like take away stuff and adding stuff. Can I tell you sumpin’? I can count to 120!”

What do you like best about school?
“Gym is my favorite special. I get exercise and I love exercising. It just gives me a lot of energy and makes my muscles stronger.”

What do you like to do outside?
“I like to go to Mimi’s house and play in the pool. I swim backwards on my belly. I try to move forwards but I go backwards. Can I tell you sumpin’? We’re not allowed to have a pool at our house. Because we’re on a hill and it might pour and the water would dump out and that would be a waste of water.”

Do you like to dance?
“No! I’m still trying to find a dance that I like. My dad likes to dance and does like every dance in the world! Sometimes when we put on music and it’s like mom’s only chance she has to dance, she has other important stuff to do so she can’t really dance with us; like cookin’ up dinner. But she likes to dance and is good at it.”

Why do you think Ms. Tobias picked you as a Stellar Student?
“Ms. Tobias picked me because I’m a really good listener and everything she tells me to do I just do it right away on the first time she asks.”

How did you learn to be such a good listener?
“Hmm…I don’t know. My brain just thought it up and I just did it.”

Did you make new friends in Kindergarten this year?
“I’m friends with everybody in my class. For real! Everybody likes me.”

Why do you think everyone likes you?
“I don’t know, because I just be kind to them. I share with them and play with them. I do lots of stuff for them.”

Is there anything you’d like your friends to know about you?
“Apparently, they just know everything about me.”



Christopher was introduced in a Raider Newscast with TIM&tim which can be viewed here.
Congratulations to Christopher for being selected as a Stellar Student at Kunkel! You are a great example of kindness and respect.

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