Stellar Student @ Fink

Hugendubler.Chloe BANN

Chloe Hugendubler is a 9-year-old girl in Ms. Rothrock’s third grade class at Fink. Chloe has a big family and lives with her mom, dad, brother, two sisters, and their cats, Pumpkin and Misty.

Chloe loves art class and likes to be creative. She always has a sketch book close by to capture her ideas. In art class, she is currently creating a worm’s eye view of a snowy sky with trees and the moon. “Now I know how to make trees better than I did before!” Chloe enjoys watching videos and drawing what inspires her. In the future, Chloe said she wants to “be an art teacher because I like drawing and helping others.”

Ms. Rothrock chose Chloe as a Stellar Student because, “I constantly see Chloe helping all students in the classroom with their work. When she’s helping them, she does a great job of helping them figure it out, without just telling them the answer.” Chloe explains, “I help my friends when they need help with their work. I tell them multiple ways to do it and then they can learn one of those ways.”

“Chloe is respectful, always ready to learn, a hard worker, and a great friend,” says Ms. Rothrock. “The main reason she comes to mind as a Stellar Student is for her kindness. Her skills will make for a great teacher someday.”

Adriene Funck, Communications Intern
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