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00 shark.7Welcome to Shark Week……in room 121 that is. Students in Mrs. Wenrich’s zoology elective course concluded their semester of work with a shark dissection. Students worked in teams of two to study the external and internal anatomy and morphology of dogfish sharks (Squalus acanthias), a common shallow-water shark found worldwide. Each team received a shark ranging in size from 18 inch juveniles through 4 foot adults. In addition to learning about the shark body, dissection also allows for students to hone their fine motor skills through precise and methodical cutting techniques and use of dissection tools.

Zoology is offered as a one semester .5 credit academic elective course of study and is open to any student who has successfully completed biology. This course provides an introduction to the classification, relationships, structure and function of major animal phyla. Invertebrate and vertebrate species are surveyed in laboratory-based exercises to include microscope observations, behavioral studies, and dissections.

00 shark.1Jordyn Dupes, Class of 2020, described the experience in her own words:
“The shark dissection was an awesome way to learn about the structures of a living organism especially when there are numerous parts that resemble the human anatomy. Each group received a shark that was either a pup, adult male, adult female, or a pregnant female. The dissection was over two days and, day one was focused on external anatomy where the second day focused on internal structures. We dissected the eyeball and different interior organs such as the liver, heart, and intestines which are just a few of many. We used scalpels and dissection scissors to cut through the tissue which gave the feel of performing surgery. The smell was terrible and there was oil everywhere, but it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve gotten to experience in high school!”

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