Robot Invasion

Sphero BANN

It’s round. Usually blue but can change colors. It’s shiny and transparent. It has been spotted at every MASD school. It can speak. It’s super cool. And it’s called a Sphero. 

A few years ago, MASD was the recipient of a grant from Penn State Harrisburg Capital Area Institute for Mathematics and Science which gifted the District with several sets of robotic devices called Spheros. The Spheros were so effective in enhancing instruction that it was decided that a set should be available in all five District schools. These mini spherical robots can be programmed with an app and are primarily used to engage students in coding activities. The Spheros have generated tremendous interest around the District and have been utilized at all grade levels and in various subjects. From English Language Learning, to Art, to Intro to Coding, to Trigonometry, the Spheros have been busy rolling their way around schools teaching various skills.

The Spheros were seen in action in Raider Newscast 13 with TIM&tim which can be found HERE. At Fink, four 5th graders demonstrated how they were challenged to drive Spheros through a maze without touching the walls of the maze.  If the little robots look familiar to you, you may have seen them in a Microsoft TV commercial. Their creator, Adam Wilson, talks about how he designed the robots using a tablet. Check out the commercial on youtube by searching “Sphero Microsoft Commercial.” 

So the next time you visit your child’s school, watch where you step. There might be a tiny blue sphere rolling underfoot!

Reid Sphero

Kunkel Sphero

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