Burghdorf Performs in All-National Concert Band

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Megan with her mother and
trumpet teacher, Amy Burghdorf

In the spring of 2018, Megan Burghdorf qualified for All-State Concert Band which allowed her to audition for the 2018 National Association for Music Education All-National Concert Band. Megan submitted her audition song and soon after she received the news that she was invited to perform in the All-National Concert Band in Orlando, Florida from November 25 through November 28, 2018.

Megan was one of 500 musicians who were chosen for the event which, in addition to concert band, included chorus, guitar ensemble, jazz band, and orchestra. Megan was one out of only 13 trumpet players selected from across the nation. Once she arrived in Florida, Megan along with all of the other performers, began long hours of rehearsing. “I love rehearsing so I didn’t mind at all,” Megan noted. The concert band was led by guest conductor Dennis Glocke, who is the Director of Concert Bands at Pennsylvania State University. Megan noted that, “It was ironic that I went from Pennsylvania to Florida just to work with someone from Pennsylvania”. Only eight musicians were selected from Pennsylvania. Most of Megan’s time was spent rehearsing, but she stated that Glocke broke up rehearsals by talking with the performers, telling stories, and giving college advice. When they weren’t rehearsing, students were able to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom and participate in other nightly events that were organized for them.


Megan Burghdorf with
Sam Fisher, MAHS Band Director

The concert band Megan was a part of rehearsed multiple songs, which they performed at the end of the weekend. Megan commented that with performing, “everything can either go all wrong or go all right. Luckily it all went right”. She also expressed how impressed she was with not only the concert band’s performance, but with all the showcases performed by the other sections.

This experience was an amazing opportunity for Megan who hopes to continue her journey with music in the future. She’s done an outstanding job representing Middletown and the high school’s band.

Adriene Funck, Class of 2019
Communications Intern

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