2018 Gifted Challenge Day

2018 Challenge Day BANN

Elementary gifted fifth graders from four area school districts gathered at Kunkel Elementary on November 29, 2018 to complete a day-long challenge presented by Hersheypark engineers. This year’s challenge was to design and build a tower that was at least 3 feet tall that had a strong enough foundation to withstand extreme winds, pass an earthquake test, and support a predetermined amount of weight. For example, the Hersheypark ride Sky Rush is just as deep under the ground as it is high above the ground. It’s deep foundation provides stability and safety. That’s a lot of ride under the ground that we never even see!

The area fifth graders worked in groups of 4-5 students and were intentionally grouped with students from other schools. MASD Gifted teacher, Mr. Trevor Davis, explains, “This allows students to practice collaboration and leadership skills, and gives them the opportunity to discuss and listen to various perspectives from people they do not know.”

The annual Challenge Day provides the opportunity for young learners to hear how an area professional uses math and science to solve real-world problems and then get to engage in a hands-on problem-solving challenge of their own. The experience promotes critical thinking, collaboration, leadership and creativity.

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