Students Make Ornaments for Governor’s Mansion

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When Mrs. Gina Pronesti, Reid Elementary teacher, attended the 2017 Christmas Open House at the Governor’s mansion with her family, she noticed that the tree ornaments were created by students from an area school. Naturally, she was intrigued, so she inquired how schools were selected to participate and was told she could simply submit her school to be considered.

As Mrs. Pronesti was gearing up for the start of the new school year in August of 2018, she received a call from a staff member of Governor Tom Wolf’s. And as you’ve probably concluded by now, Mrs. Pronesti had to add “Create Ornaments for the Governor’s Mansion” to her to-do list. Her original plan had been to have Reid Elementary students create the ornaments, but when she was told she would need to supply 800 ornaments, she had to quickly switch gears!

In the meantime, MAMS students had also been invited to participate in a special honor in Washington DC. Mrs. Stacy Miller, MAMS Art teacher was chosen to have her students create ornaments for the Pennsylvania tree at the President’s Park at the White House. You can view that story HERE. So Mrs. Pronesti decided to reach out to the teachers at the remaining schools, Fink, Kunkel and MAHS, and invite them to join Reid in creating the 800 ornaments, while MAMS worked on their ornaments for the White House. Are you seeing a theme here? “Governor’s Mansion”…”White House”. What an honor for MASD!

Classroom teachers and art teachers from all four schools began planning “White Christmas” ornaments for this year’s theme. Snowflakes, snowmen and origami trees made from sheets of music, began filling up classrooms. In early November, the 800 ornaments were boxed up and sent to the Governor’s mansion to anxiously await the honor of being placed on a Christmas tree. Well, the decorating has been completed. The ornaments are in their places of honor. And Governor Tom Wolf and First Lady Frances Wolf would like to share them with you! The Governor and First Lady will open their home for a FREE Holiday Open House on Sunday, December 9 from 1-6:00p complete with live music, Christmas cookies and hot cocoa!

MASD families who attend the Open House are encouraged to take photos of their family in front of a Christmas tree and submit them to to be shared on our social media sites.

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