2018 Senators for a Day

senator day bann

Front row, sitting (l-r): Angela Hernandez, Valerie Wilmath, Jocilyn Koser, Sierra Kamara.
Back row, standing (l-r): Senator Mike Folmer, Marcus Williams, Anthony LaVia, Braydon Erickson, Genesis Ramirez Cruz, William Stone,
Nathan Witmer, Elijah Smith, Tanner Albright, Mr. Dale Shreiner, Mr. Josh Rytel. Image courtesy of Senator Mike Folmer

On November 8, 2018, twelve MAHS students joined high school students from York, Dauphin, and Lebanon counties at the state capital for Senator for a Day, hosted by state senator Mike Folmer. The students were escorted by the high school’s Government and Economics teachers, Mr. Josh Rytel and Mr. Dale Shreiner. The MAHS delegation arrived at the capital in time to take part in breakfast which was followed by an instructional session led by Senator Folmer and his chief of staff, which went step-by-step through how a bill becomes law. Afterwards, students were dismissed to their committees, where they focused on amending and passing two bills that would be debated in a general senate session later in the day. MAHS students were active in amending and strengthening bills before they went before the general senate.

Students were in their committees until lunch, where MAHS students got to sit with Senator Folmer, who ate his lunch with the students and got to know our Blue Raiders even more.

Following lunch, students returned to the general senate session, which was presided over by Senator Folmer. The bills that passed their respected committees were debated in this session. Some of the bills debated included a bill that ended property taxes, a bill that allowed for audio recordings on school busses, and medical cannabis. Middletown students were very active in floor debate. Senior Marcus Williams sponsored a bill that required drug testing for welfare recipients, which he had to present before the senate. He successfully saw the bill passed.

Before leaving, Mr. Dale Shreiner and Mr. Josh Rytel took the students on a tour of the capital building, including visits to the House of Representatives and the Senate chambers, before stopping for photos in the capitol rotunda and outside the capitol building.

“While any excuse to visit our gorgeous capital building is delightful, I immensely enjoyed the Senator for the Day trip. Having the ability to go through the committee process and getting the opportunity to meet and interact with other students from across the area was informative and entertaining. I personally found great enjoyment in debating legislation both in committee and on the Senate Floor. Senator Mike Folmer is an amazing person and I am happy to have had the ability to meet and talk with him. I am extremely thankful that I had this outstanding and pleasant experience.” Marcus Williams, Class of 2019

Lunch Folmer Senators on steps
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