Behind the Wheel Driver’s Education


Middletown Area School District is now offering an after-school Driver’s Education program. This Behind the Wheel program is instructed by retired Driver’s Ed teacher, Mr. Charles Bowen.

BTW BowenThe purpose behind Driver’s Ed is extremely important for young drivers. The number one cause of death for students is still traffic accidents. Driving can be one of the most dangerous everyday activities, and without the proper training it often leads to these fatal accidents. The lessons students learn with Mr. Bowen are things that will stay with students throughout their lives as they continue driving. Brandon Miller, a current student taking the program with Mr. Bowen said that, “Mr. Bowen is trying to actually teach you the skills, not just trying to help you get your license”. The biggest part of taking driver’s Ed is learning all of the lessons on controls, turning, parking, signals, signs, and so much more. Brandon explains further, “The lessons are the ice cream and the other perks are just the cherry on top”. The other perks he is referring to are getting insurance deductions, obtaining a regular license instead of the junior license sooner, and taking the test with Mr. Bowen.

Many students find that taking the final driver’s test with Mr. Bowen is a much more comfortable experience than taking the test with an examiner they don’t know. Taking the test with someone you know relieves the nerves that typically come with taking the driver’s test. This is mainly due to the fact that the one-on-one the lessons form a trusting relationship between the students and Mr. Bowen. Another student who took the Driver’s Ed course, Johnny Jumper, noted that, “It’s not like a teacher in a classroom telling everyone the same thing at once. It’s more independent practice, specific to your needs, and you can ask questions whenever you want”. All of these factors work together to make learning to drive and obtaining a license much easier and less stressful.

BTW parallelAfter weighing all the benefits of the program, Brandon’s parents decided enrolling him in the Behind The Wheel program was the best option for their son. The detailed instruction and essential training Brandon receives from Mr. Bowen was well worth the investment. Johny admitted, “I went and took my driver’s test not knowing anything about the car or how to drive. I failed, of course.” Unfortunately, this is what most students do. Thinking they are invincible, they get behind the wheel and unfortunately some of them pass without any driving knowledge and are driving with us on PA roads. It is Mr. Bowen’s passion to try to prevent this from happening.

Details about the Behind the Wheel Program can be found HERE.

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