Have You Heard About the Spotted Lanternfly?

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Some of MASD’s gifted students are participating in the 2019 Spotted Lanternfly Awareness Calendar Contest hosted by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. The purpose of this contest is to educate students and their families about the importance of inspecting items prior to leaving the quarantine area. For the contest, students created a poster where they drew pictures of the insect and included facts and other resources to spread awareness.

These students learned all about the Spotted Lanternfly, which is an invasive species in Pennsylvania. This insect originally came from Asia, and is predicted to have come by means of imported trees. A surprising fact the students found was that the Spotted Lanternfly’s beautiful wings aren’t used for flying because it is actually a hopper. One student added that, “knowing me I’d think it was a butterfly”. These insects spread by jumping “on the bottom of cars and stuff like that”. Because they hop rather than fly, it is possible to quarantine them into one central area to limit their spreading.

Another interesting thing that these students focused on was how everyone can help to stop the spread of this invasive species. They advise that people should check their vehicles and belongings when exiting an area where this insect is present. Additionally, they discovered that hydrogen peroxide, hand sanitizer, and other solutions can kill these insects. People should also report any findings of the bug and include the location where it was found so it can be relocated to quarantine areas.

Good luck to all students who have submitted their original posters, and have done a great job raising awareness for and researching all about the Spotted Lanternfly!

Written by Adriene Funck, Class of 2019
Communications Intern

Spot Lanternfyl COLL

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