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TIM&tim have become the talk of the town!

You can view all their newscasts here!

RaiderNewscast VIDEO ICON

SchoolMessenger Preparedness, Tim’s Band Scholarship,
MAMS Veterans’ Day, MAHS Fall Play

Episode 10 VIDEO ICON

MAMS Veterans Day, Turkey Toot, MAHS Fall Play,
Prom Apparel Sale, P.R.I.D.E. Club


Homecoming, Super Hero Tim, Junior High Cross Country

00 RaiderNewscast8 VIDEO ICON

Fink Staff Honor, Student Insurance
PowerSchool Update

RaiderNewscast7 w.VIDEO ICON

PowerSchool Update Progress
New Winner Revealed

RaiderNewscast6 w.VIDEO ICON

2018 Teacher of the Year
1st Home Football Game

RaiderNewscast5 w.VIDEO ICON

Update on Parent Portal Progress &
Reveal of two winning families

RaiderNewscast4 w.VIDEO ICONBus Stopping Law with First Student Transportation,
Introduction of Fall Sports Teams

RaiderNewscast3 w.VIDEO ICONNew Staff, Back-to-School Events – August 21,
Update on Parent Portal, Labor Day Recess Reminder

RaiderNewscast2 w.VIDEO ICONPowerSchool Parent Portal Contest Revealed

RaiderNewscast1 w.VIDEO ICONMedication Drop-off Night, Concussion Presentation,
Opening of the PowerSchool Parent Portal

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