Partnering With Parents @ Fink

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How do you get kids to WANT learn their ABCs or put sounds together to read words?
With fun games and manipulatives they can take home to practice with their parents and siblings!


Mrs. Battenhausen displays the Fink Parent Resource Library.

MASD elementary schools are provided with a variety of teaching resources through Title I funding. Reading Specialists at each school have a resource library full of games, activities, and manipulatives which practice a wide scope of reading skills. Students can sign out games for two weeks and select a new one when they return the borrowed item. By sending resources home, parents stay informed of what skills their child is learning at school which helps bridge the partnership between home and school.

The kindergarten teachers at Fink have taken this idea of partnering with parents a step further. Mrs. April Hughes and Mrs. Anastasia Cerritelli have created their own take-home packets that specifically cover reading skills for kindergartners. The students pictured above are sharing three of the letter activities. On the left, Rowan is practicing letter recognition by matching block letters to the letters pictured on the Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom tree. In the center, El-Amarmii and Miley are creating letters out of play-doh to match the letters on picture cards. And on the far right, Jaxon is putting letters in alphabetical order which, if put in order correctly, results in a completed photo.

Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Cerritelli plan to build their library of take-home activities throughout the year as skills develop. The students love to get a packet to take home to play with their family. But who wouldn’t want to play with play-doh for homework?


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