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Throughout MASD, older elementary students partner with younger students in what is commonly known as “Book Buddies.” Students are paired with a student from another class and spend time throughout the year practicing reading to their buddy. On occasion, Book Buddies also participate in activities in other subject areas. What better way to get to know your buddy than to stick your hands inside a gooey pumpkin!

On Thursday, October 25, 2018, Mrs. Kate Korsak’s 3rd graders and Ms. Janelle Dukes’ 1st graders at Kunkel participated in a STEM activity together. Placed around the classroom were workstations containing pumpkins of various sizes which were donated by Strites Orchards. Students were asked to predict which size pumpkin would hold the greatest number of seeds. After graphing their predictions, students worked with their buddy to gut their pumpkins and began digging for seeds in the slimy goo. For ease of counting, students grouped the seeds into piles of 10 which also gave them the opportunity to practice the skill of counting by tens.

The results? Students were surprised to discover that the size of the pumpkin did NOT have a direct effect on the number of its seeds. As seen in the photo below, the two small pumpkins in the front had more seeds than the much larger one marked “430” behind them. Teachers explained that there are many variables that effect the amount of seeds in a pumpkin including genetics, the amount of time on the vine, weather factors, and farming practices.

The students had a great time working with their buddies and practicing their science and math skills. They also discovered that pumpkin goo is a great skin moisturizer!

Kunk Pump COLL


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