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Reid Beans BANN

“There are different kinds of lima beans,” Korbin explains. “We planted the white beans, not the green ones. Beans grow really fast so that’s why we planted them.”

Mrs. Sue Bracht’s 2nd graders at Reid were studying the life cycle of plants so she decided to give her class a hands-on opportunity to watch a life cycle in action. Two of her students, Korbin and Zujailey, were bravely willing to explain the bean planting experiment.

What was the first step you did before you planted the seed?
Zujailey: We put the seeds in water for more than five minutes and then peeled the white skin off.

What did you do next?
Korbin: We put three beans in the dirt along the side of the cup so we could see them.

How often did you need to water them?
Zujailey: We watered them at the end of each day.

How could you tell if they need more water?
Korbin: We feel the dirt and if it’s dry we put more water in it.

Were you able to see the difference in size each day?
Zujailey: Yes, it changed a lot every day!

Do you eat limas?
Corbin: NO!
Zujailey: Yeah, they’re goooooood!

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