MAHS Band Receives Gift of Custom Guitar

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Sam Fisher, Daniel Brenner, Darryl Betts

When Mr. Sam Fisher, MAHS Band Director, was asked if he was interested in a custom built bass guitar for the High School band he quickly replied, “I’m listening!”

In his freetime, Darryl Betts builds bass guitars. When he’s not working on his hobby, he’s keeping the grounds of MASD properties well manicured as a District employee in the Operations Department. You’ll also see him at War Memorial Field every Friday night to support the Blue Wave Marching Band.

“I’m on the 50-yard line during every field show. I love the kids and I love music. It’s in my blood. I played in high school and I know how much this means to these kids. I had the opportunity to play bass for the High School musical last year,” says Betts.

Darryl got his start in guitar building with just a simple thought. “I wonder if I could build a bass.” Many youtube videos later, Darryl is now building custom guitars for touring artists around the country. Some clients give him exact specifications for their dream guitar while others lean on Darryl for suggestions and input. Darryl flew to Colorado to hand deliver a custom guitar to professional bassist, Andy Irvine.

The Middletown guitar is a blue four-string bass with decals provided by With Kidz in Mind. The materials were paid for by the Band Boosters and Darryl donated his time and labor. The guitar will be used predominantly by the jazz band but will also get appearances in future Blue Wave field shows. The guitar will get its debut at the MAHS Holiday Concert when MAHS bassist, Daniel Brenner, will bring it to life for a live audience.

Mr. Fisher has appreciated working with Darryl. “Darryl is a fine craftsman of custom bass guitars. His meticulous, well-thought out process has created a wonderful gift for the Blue Wave Band, and future generations of band members.”

Middletown Area School District, Mr. Fisher and the MAHS band members wish to thank Darryl Betts for this unique gift; it will certainly be played with Blue Raider Pride.


Guitar with band

Other bass guitars built by Darryl Betts:

Betts Basses

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