Fink Staff Honored by Horace Mann


At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, Middletown’s Fink Elementary School staff received a prestigious honor from Horace Mann Insurance. Bart Miller, the agency’s owner, visits many schools throughout the state, and Fink’s staff made an impression on him during his visits last year.

Mr. Miller was in awe when he witnessed our staff interacting with students with such care and interest. He found teachers who personally cared for their students, beyond the tests and quizzes. The staff formed real relationships with their students and were invested in their lives. Overall, Mr. Miller genuinely respected how the staff went above and beyond to help their students, which he said wasn’t the norm for most schools. After seeing the climate of the school, he felt that Fink was exactly the type of school he would want his children to attend.

After experiencing this caring atmosphere, Mr. Miller and Horace Mann Insurance bestowed Fink with the Horace Mann Crystal Owl Award. This award honors and recognizes educators for their outstanding work. This accomplishment is huge for Fink and the Middletown Area School District. Fink Principal Ms. Drazenovich and the entire 2017-2018 staff should all be incredibly proud for the impact they’ve made educating our students and for representing Middletown with pride and excellence!

Adriene Funck, Class of 2019
Communications Intern

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