MAMS Hosts Civil War Day

2018 Civil War BANN

Every two years, Middletown Area Middle School hosts a Civil War Day for students in grades 7 and 8. The day begins with an inspirational message from “Abraham Lincoln” on the day after he delivered his Gettysburg Address. The war is over. The death toll is astonishing. The President is grieving. As Lincoln addresses the students, Civil War re-enactors are setting up camp around the MAMS campus preparing to share detailed information about their specific roles in this devastating four-year war.

Throughout the day, students heard cannons explode, saw medical instruments used for amputation, felt the weight of ammunition, and had the opportunity to hit a baseball to outfielders “Bulldog” and “Professor.” Over and over again, students heard that more soldiers died from disease than from battle wounds in this Americans vs. Americans war.

MAMS thanks the following presenters who participated in the 2018 Civil War Day:

  • Abraham Lincoln – portrayed by Trevor Davis, MASD Gifted Teacher
  • Infantry Sergeant 13th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry – portrayed by Bob Watson
  • Union Cavalry Trooper 1st Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, Company H – portrayed by Bill Wolfe
  • Photography and Sketch – Stacey Miller, MAMS Art Teacher
  • Cook – portrayed by Kevin Little, MAMS Social Studies Teacher
  • Keystone Base Ball Club of Harrisburg
  • 1st Regiment North Carolina Artillery, Battery C
  • 3rd Regiment United States Colored Troops
  • Women’s Contribution During Civil War Times – portrayed by Melinda Wrightstone
  • Surgeon of the 93rd Pennsylvania Volunteers – portrayed by Major Steve Bansner
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