Kunkel’s Wax Museum

2018 Wax Museum BANN

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, the fourth graders at Kunkel Elementary School presented their live Wax Museum to students, teachers and family members. The students had to research the life of a famous person, create a background displaying information about the individual, write a synopsis of the person’s life and memorize it, and then dress up as their character. Students stood frozen like wax figures then came to “life” when someone pushed their button on their display. The live statues then recited facts about their person before returning to a wax-like state. The video below will give you a look at some of the students’ characters and several of the actual presentations. The costuming, memorization and creativity of the presentations made it evident that the fourth graders put loads of hard work into their projects! What an excellent job! See for yourself…

2018 Wax Museum Vid Icon

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