2018 Middle School Science Olympiad

MS Sci OlympiadLeft to right: Skylar Garza, Alex Hess, Nolan Sessa, Mason Swartz, Aidan Torres, Jacob Hottenstein, Jonah Troup,
Nate Kinsey, Katie Yoder, Sara Dintiman, Cynthia Ortiz-Sanchez, Mahnoor Azim, Gabi Przybylski, Ryan Rinder and Alex Monroig

The Middle School Science Olympiad team competed in their regional competition on Saturday, March 24, 2018. The team finished strongly in 6th place out of 22 schools and qualified for the State competition in April. The following students also placed in individual events at the regional event:

  • 4th place in Anatomy and Physiology – Gabi Przybylski, Mahnoor Azim
  • 4th place in Disease Detectives – Ryan Rinier, Jacob Hottenstein
  • 4th place in Meteorology – Nate Kinsey and Alex Monroig
  • 3rd place in Battery Buggy – Jacob Hottenstin and Alex Monroig
  • 3rd place in Potions and Poisons – Gabi Przybylski and Alex Hess
  • 2nd place in Hovercraft – Skylar Garza and Nolan Sessa
  • 1st place in Roller Coaster – Mason Swartz and Aidan Torres
  • 1st place in Wright Stuff – Jacob Hottenstein and Mahnoor Azim

Nolan Sessa and Skylar Garza display their winning hovercraft.

At the state competition, Skylar Garza and Nolan Sessa presented their hovercraft for testing by the judges. Each hovercraft was required to travel 221 cm within 15 seconds.  Teams could take up to five tries to complete two successful runs. For extra points, students could place up to 16 rolls of pennies on their hovercraft to make it weigh more and be more challenging to move.

Garza and Sessa took the challenge and put 16 rolls of pennies on their hovercraft. Their hovercraft completed 2 successful runs in their first two tries! Their success put them in 4th place in the state!

Congratulations to the entire Middle School Science Olympiad team and their advisor, Mr. Trevor Davis, for another successful year!

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