2018 Youth & Government Convention

2018 YG group

Front Row: Selena Stoker (MAMS), Aayushi Patel, Angelina Torres, Alexis Jefferson, Stephanie Finsterbush,
Isha Shah, Valerie Wilmath, Mahnoor Azim, Taya Scott (MAMS), Cassidy Anderson
Back Row: Tristan Cassidy, Elijah Smith, Terrance Jefferson, Lilly Fager, Andrina Roller, Levi Buckwalter, Jocilyn Koser and Zeryab Ibrahim

The MAHS Youth and Government Club participated in the 2018 Model Government at the State Capitol on April 19-22, 2018. Zeryab Ibrahim led the high school students in the Senate as the Blue Lieutenant Governor and Terrance Jefferson led the Transportation Committee for the Blue House. Adults from all over the conference complimented the Youth & Government Advisors for Ibrahim’s and Jefferson’s outstanding leadership over the course of the conference.

The five MAHS bills listed below were signed by the Youth Governor, resulting in eight MAHS students, 50% of the club, being recognized for their legislation. Twelve of their sixteen bills (75%), made it out of committee, which is a major accomplishment on its own.

  • “Outlawing Conversion Therapy of Minors”: Author Valerie Wilmath, Rep. Jocilyn Koser and Senator Angelina Torres
  • “Offering Mastery Curriculum to PA Public Schools”: Author/Senator from another delegation and Rep. Cassidy Anderson
  • “Improvement of Kidney Dialysis Facilities & Options”: Author/Senator Aayushi Patel and Rep. Lilly Fager
  • “Reducing Prison Sentences for Minors That Obtain Further Education While Incarcerated”: Author/Rep. Elijah Smith and Senator Angelina Torres
  • “Increasing the Penalty for Employers for Wage Theft”: Author/Senator Angelina Torres, Rep. Stephanie Finsterbush


  • Seniors, Zeryab Ibrahim, Lilly Fager and Levi Buckwalter, received their senior cords from the YMCA Y&G directors.
  • Terrance Jefferson was selected by his peers as “Outstanding Blue Representative” for his work in the House.
  • Club Advisors, Emily Wolfe and Caitlin Hunt, assisted the Press Corps staff with the production of four successfully printed and reviewed newspapers and online content for the conference. Hunt was awarded her five years of service to the YMCA Y&G program.
  • 25% of the MAHS club was selected by an anonymous adult committee of observers to represent PA at the Conference of National Affairs:
  1. Zeryab Ibrahim (’18), 4thyear selected
  2. Angelina Torres (’20), 2ndyear selected
  3. Terrance Jefferson (’19), 1styear selected
  4. Elijah Smith (’19), (alternate), 1styear selected – this is a tremendous honor for a first year attendee
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