Star Kindergartners at Kunkel

Kunkel Kinder BANN

Yaretzi Soto, Lucy Williams, Brayden Winter and Avery Dupes

Throughout the school year, teachers are invited to nominate a student in their classroom who is doing exceptionally well and deserves to be recognized. Students are selected based on their progress, character and all-around exceptional qualities. When the kindergarten teaching team at Kunkel Elementary was asked if they had any students who deserved to be honored, they ALL chimed in with names of possible candidates. The result? Four star kindergartners, one from each homeroom, who have brought extra doses of kindness, joy and care to their new school, Kunkel Elementary.

A kindergartner faces many, many challenges as they enter school: meeting new friends; navigating a huge building; getting along well with little people and big people; learning to use listening ears, kind mouths, and helpful hands. The four star kindergartners pictured above have spent their first year of school modeling good behavior for their classmates and exhibiting kindness and care to everyone they meet. In addition to their homeroom teachers, their specials teachers submitted descriptive words about each student. The crossword puzzles below are made from the words that were submitted. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about the children behind each adorable smile.

Avery's Puzzle

Braydens puzzle

Lucys puzzle

Yaretzi's puzzle

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