Man Pageant Raises $18,765 for THON

2018 Mr. M Pageant BANN

Mean boys danced the Jingle Bell Rock. Shrek sang “Hallelujah.”
And Gray and Swayze had the audience in tears. And not the inspirational kind.

Thirteen MAHS seniors performed in the 2018 Mr. Middletown Man Pageant in front of a full house. Speaking of Full House, check out their commercial for the pageant. The pageant emcees, Gabe Wisniewski, also a senior, and Mr. Brian Keyser, MAHS teacher, provided clever introductions and transitions as the contestants competed in swimwear, talent and interviews. Although hours of rehearsal and planning was put into the event, Mr. Keyser was caught off-guard when Jacob Spear changed his rehearsed answer to his interview question and instead said that one of his genie wishes would be to marry Mr. Keyser’s daughter; followed by the fastest stage exit in human history.

The MAHS sponsored THON child and his family were present for the event and shared their cancer journey. And this time the tears were not generated by laughter. After the donations were counted, Tre Leach was crowned Mr. Middletown 2018. Close behind him were Jared Knaub and Jacob Spear who also raised over $3,000 each. In THON tradition, the donation amount was revealed from right to left; pennies to dollar sign. The number of cards that needed to be revealed was the first clue to the audience that the amount raised was beyond expectations. A total of over $16,000 was revealed and the shock, awe and excitement of the 13 contestants was contagious. They had done it! FOR THE KIDS!

And if that wasn’t enough, by Monday, April 16, a new total of $18,765 was announced.

Photos by Katie Knaub, Class of 2019

2018 Mr. M COLL


00 Mr M boys

Back Row: Thomas Einolf, Matt Schopf, Justin Shaffer, David Alcock, Ryan Hughes, Matt Freshe
Front Row: Tre Leach, Amir Simmons, Kyle Truesdale, Jared Knaub, Jacob Spear, Zach Souders, Brendan Douglass

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