At A Glance – April 2018

Welcome to this month’s edition of At A Glance.
We are in the midst of academic competition season so there are several student accomplishments highlighted.
NEW! Kindness projects at each elementary school have been featured in videos. Be sure to watch them all!

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2018 Spring Newsletters AaG 2018.04 Up Next AaG
FinkCubes AaG Mr M 2018 AaG
ReidRocks AaG 2018 BrainBusters AaG
D'Amour AaG 2018 wrestling.AaG
Sr. Citizens Day AaG 2018 CAIU Com Fair AaG
2018 Perf Arts AaG CASEF AaG
18.03.20 Bd BULL AaG Garber.Brady AaG


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