Extraordinary KINDNESS @ Fink

FinkCubes BANN

Fink Elementary School Guidance Counselor, Dr. Kimberly Guyer, coordinated a kindness initiative
for the students at Fink as a way to remind them to encourage and be kind to those around them.
The project for students in grades 3-5 was to create a “kindness cube” specifically for another student in grades 3-5.
Students decorated all six sides of a cube with pictures and encouraging sayings for a student of their choice.
After much coordination to make sure each student in the school would receive a cube, the 3rd-5th graders
secretly delivered their kindness cubes to the desks of their recipients.

Two 5th graders explain the project in their own words in the video below. Enjoy!

FinkCubes VID ICON

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