MAMS 2018 Mini-THON


On Friday, February 23, 2018, MAMS held their annual Mini-THON to aid the Four Diamonds Fund. Joining in the fun was the MAMS’s sponsor child, Ayden, and his family. The t-shirts for the event cleverly said “AYDEN THE FIGHT.” The 165 middle school students participated in corn hole, ping pong, ladder golf and Just Dance. There was also a gagaball tournament and a basketball tournament.

The MAMS THON committee set a goal of raising $2,000
but the MAMS students and staff exceeded their goal and raised $3,006.18!

The top fundraisers were two 7th graders:
Ashley Brittlely – $253
Brayden Dunn – $177

MS 2018 THON.3

Ayden & Brayden

And speaking of Brayden, he went far beyond just raising money. Instead of enjoying the activities with his friends, Brayden chose to stick with Ayden for the event. Brayden exhibited such compassion for Ayden and his little sister throughout the entire night. Brayden stuck by Ayden’s side to make sure that he was enjoying the activities and interacting with different students. As one of the top fundraisers, Brayden won a $25 gift card to GameStop. Right after he was awarded his gift card, he walked straight over and gave it to Ayden! Brayden’s kindness didn’t go unnoticed. MAMS teachers and Ayden’s mother expressed gratitude to Brayden for going out of his way to extend such wonderful care to Ayden and his family.

 MS 2018 COLL3


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