Stellar Student – Claudio “Junior” Marrero

00 Marrero.Junior BANN

“Junior is such a sweetheart!” says Mrs. Nguyen. “He is really growing and developing in language and literacy this year. He started out not knowing all of his letters and sounds and he is now READING!”

Claudio “Junior” Marrero moved to Pennsylvania from the Dominican Republic and entered Mrs. D’Amour’s 2nd grade at Kunkel in the fall of 2017. “This is my favorite school! It’s soooo cool and I have friends everywhere. I like Ms. D’Amour and Mrs. Nguyen so much.” “Junior is very special,” says Mrs. D’Amour. “He really teaches me as much as I have been teaching him. Watching him learn and grow and helping him move through all the stages of reading and seeing him adjust to his new school is so rewarding.”

“Mrs. D’Amour picked me because I work reeeeally hard at school because I need to write stuff and give it to my teacher. My favorite thing to do at school is reading, and helping people and people helping me. I like to help people. I don’t want any people to feel bad.” Junior’s kindness overflows. His peers are drawn to him like mayflies to lights. His teachers rave about having him in class. “Junior is such an enjoyable student to have in Library class!” said Mrs. Fake. “He is always so excited to see what we will be doing each time. He loves to hear the story I read at the beginning of each class, and I have been trying to choose books that have some Spanish words within the story so he can tell us what they mean. He really loves to be able to help us understand these new words! I’m so excited for Junior to be the Stellar Student because he really deserves it!”

Entering 2nd grade with very few building blocks for reading can be super challenging. It can also lead to discouragement. But not for Junior. He turned on his determination and faced his giants head on. “I like to read at home. I read to my dog and my little brother. I teach my brother the best I can.” Junior’s music teacher, Mr. Checco, has witnessed Junior’s courageous spirit firsthand. “Junior is a thoughtful and kind student, who is quick to smile and laugh. He is courageous, eager to try new things and explore new instruments and music.”

Someday Junior would like to return to Kunkel to be a TEACHER! But he’s very concerned there won’t be an open classroom for him. So he’d like Mr. Borrelli to please save a classroom for him. With the nameplate, “Mr. Marrero” on the door.

00 Junior.Adrian

Junior and his 4th grade Book Buddy, Adrian,
take turns reading to each other.

00 DAmour.Junior

Mrs. D’Amour and Junior discuss
what he read about Mr. Horse.

00 Junior.Kellerbook

Junior reads a story about Helen Keller
which he wrote and illustrated.

00 Connor.Junior.Richie

“I don’t want my friends to be sad
so I like to help them.”

00 Junior.writing

Writing is one of Junior’s
new-found favorite things to do!

00 Junior reading

In just five months, this hardworking, enthusiastic 2nd grader has gone
from knowing very few letters and sounds
to reading and understanding storybooks.

00 Eli.Junior

Junior’s classmate, Eli, picked out a book at the store.
When Eli got home and started to read his new book he discovered it was written in Spanish!
Eli was planning to return the book to the store but then thought of his friend Junior.
Eli brought the book to school to keep in Mrs. D’Amour’s classroom so Junior could read it.
What an awesome friend!

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