MATHCOUNTS Team Adds a Trophy to the Case

2018 Math Counts BANN3

Front Row: Aaron Nordai (grade 6), Nathan Russo (grade 7), Katie Yoder (grade 7)
Second Row: Jonah Troup (grade 8),  Joseph Korsak (grade 7), Jasmine Peiffer (grade 7), Alex Hess (grade 8)
Back Row: Grace Rico (grade 8), Mr. Mohar, Anthony White (grade 7)

On February 3, 2018, the MAMS MATHCOUNTS Team led by Mr. Mark Mohar joined 13 other middle schools to face 150 students at Penn State Harrisburg for the annual MATHCOUNTS competition. The MAMS team finished in 8th place and received a trophy for being the most improved school. What an awesome honor!

The following students placed in the top third of the 150 individual student rankings:
Jonah Troup – 26th place
Nathan Russo – 37th place
Katie Yoder – 46th place
Jasmine Peiffer – 48th place

Congratulations to this year’s MATHCOUNTS team for their dedication to practicing their math skills
after school hours and representing Middletown Area School District at this year’s competition!

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