MAMS Captures Third Place at Future Cities

2018 Future Cities

Middletown Area Middle School students in the Gifted Education Program have the opportunity to participate in the Future Cities Competition each year. Led by Gifted Teacher, Trevor Davis, two MAMS teams participated in the 2018 Challenge. The hard work of the 8th Grade Team, consisting of Gabby Przybylski, Sarah Dintiman, Nate Kinsey and Jonah Troup (pictured above) and Alex Monroig and Ryan Rinier (not pictured), paid off with a 3rd place win with their future city named Agiros.

The Agiros engineers had to identify an age-related challenge that exists in today’s urban environments and engineer two innovative solutions that allow their future city’s senior citizens to be as active and independent as they want to be. The creators of Agioros chose to create a city that improved the social participation of their senior citizens because studies have shown that increased happiness leads to productive and healthier living. The students addressed this challenge by implementing SMART City technology and improving transportation in the following ways:

SMART City Framework:
– Implements Smart home concepts to create a city-wide platform using 6G wireless capabilities
– Integrates public services with social benefits
– Allows for interconnected system that increases convenience for citizens.
– Enables social and financial including for all citizens, including those that are elderly or with disabilities.
– Opened up possibilities such as a Virtual Senior Center to improve overall social participation and maintain cognitive development for senior citizens

Accessibility for Transportation:
– Hermes Network: utilizing robotics to assist in transport of good and people throughout the city (collaborative automatons for home, work and healthcare destinations)
– Autonomous vehicles and robotic systems assist with handling wheelchair storage/retrieval at city terminals
– Designed to shuttle pedestrians along pre-planned routes and “door to door” travel needs
– Video-based telepresence robots provide human assistance for older citizens

Congratulations to Mr. Davis, Gabby, Sarah, Nate and Jonah for their excellent representation of MAMS. Your many hours of research, collaboration, design and production were well-deserving of this honor!

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