Students Invited to Repeat Farm Show Appearance

2018 Farm Show BANN

At last year’s 2017 PA Farm Show, Kunkel students presented their classroom project on Aquaponics in partnership with INTAG (Integrated Agricultural Systems). You can read the full story HERE. As the 2018 Farm Show approached, INTAG reached out to Kunkel teacher, Mrs. Janelle Brojakowski, asking if students could return to the Farm Show to be ambassadors for Aquaponics again this year. What an honor! The Kunkel students’ knowledge and professionalism had so impressed the INTAG team last year that they were invited to return to be ambassadors for Aquaponics and to explain to visitors the amazing process.

In Science classes this year, Kunkel 4th and 5th graders are focusing on various agricultural systems: Aquaponics; Hydroponics; how different LED lighting effects the growth cycle of plants (blue helps the plants grow; red makes them blossom – so having a purple light is the best); fluid dynamics (understanding how fluid behaves so you have the correct amount of pressure for water flow through the aquaponics system); the nitrogen cycle; solar energy. In light of these concepts, the students who were selected to present at the Farm Show were extremely interested in INTAG’s newest toy.

At the 2018 Farm Show, INTAG introduced a Hydroponic Roto-Gro. The Roto-Gro rotates plants around an LED light enabling them to take in healthy nutrients to make their roots very strong. The Roto-Gro can hold up to 420 plants. The students were able to view the concepts they are learning in their classroom taking place before their eyes.

The repeat Farm Show experience was such a rewarding opportunity for Kunkel students. It was exciting that the students could use their knowledge about Aquaponics and educate the public on a Hydroponic System as well. Thank you, INTAG, for once again entrusting our students to participate in such an incredible learning opportunity!

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