2018 MAMS Geography Bee

2018 Geo Bee BANN

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, ten Middle School students went head-to-head in the annual National Geographic Geography Bee at MAMS. The participants were awarded a spot in the Bee by placing in the top 10 scores on a geography test taken by the entire student body. Gabriela Przybylski was the first to advance to the championship round. Grace Rico, Nate Kinsey and Aiden Cannon fought it out round after round for the remaining seat in the finals with Aiden eventually taking the final seat. Three questions later, Aiden was crowned the 2018 MAMS Geography Bee champion. In the next round of competition, Aiden will take a written test in hopes of qualifying for additional competitions versus area middle school students.

Aiden Cannon, Grade 8
Aiden qualified for the Bee as a 6th grader where he advanced to the final round.

Gabriela Przybylski, Grade 8
Gabby has qualified for the Bee all 3 years and won the Bee when she was in 6th grade.

2018 Geo Bee Finalists

Back Row: Jackson Grimland, Aiden Torres, Skylar Garza, Jade Lesisko, Max Dupes
Josh Luther, Nate Kinsey, Aiden Cannon, Gabriela Przybylski, Grace Rico

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