Area Districts Join MASD for Elementary Gifted Challenge

2017 Tri Dist Chall BANN

Center Photo: Ellie Lekites, 5th Grader at Kunkel.

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, the elementary gifted students from Palmyra, Lower Dauphin and Derry Township School Districts converged at Kunkel Elementary to join Middletown gifted students for their annual Challenge Day. The day began with a presentation by Mr. Hockenbrok, Mechanical Engineer at Hershey Entertainment and Resorts. Mr Hockenbrok introduced the students to the mechanics behind the new Hersheypark water rides which will open for the 2018 season. Students were then given the challenge to build their own water ride out of recyclables that they had been collecting. Their ride had to include 3 slides that could successfully transport water into 3 cups in their pool. The young engineers had to work with students from other school districts whom they had never met before. Some groups added elevators, moving stairways or chair lifts to aid their guests in reaching the elevated entrance to their rides. The students got to display their creativity with themes, decorations and posted warning signs. At the end of the event, three Hershey Entertainment personnel critiqued the water slides and were impressed to see that most of the slides successfully transported water to their destinations!

00 Pomraning.Cassidy

Cassidy Pomraning, 5th grader at Kunkel,
inspects a water ramp for the possibility of leakage.

00 Freeman.Landon1

Landen Freeman, 5th Grader at Reid,
holds a water tube while his teammates secure it.

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