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Hunter Buck, Jen Shade (105.7 The X) and Miracle Child, Chase


Hunter Buck, a fourth grader at Reid Elementary, is a frugal saver. Throughout the year whenever he received a gift of money at celebrations like Christmas, Easter and his birthday, Hunter would stash away his cash and leave it untouched. Every bit of his allowance was tucked safely away with his savings because Hunter had a plan; he was saving money to spend at Disney World during his family vacation. But Hunter was about to discover the power of giving.

About the time that the Buck family was discussing a way to help others in need, local radio station FM105.7 XRock was holding their “Pay 4 Play” 28-hour radio marathon. During “Pay 4 Play” listeners could call in to the station and request songs in exchange for donations. Nipsey, Jennifer Shade and Earl David Reed from the People’s Morning Show hosted the marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.

Hunter decided that he was a very “lucky” boy. He was healthy and he had plenty of stuff. AND he had plenty of savings. So Hunter decided to open up his bank and give money to children who needed it more than he did. He broke into his untouched savings and dug out $500 to give to the Children’s Miracle Network. But Hunter’s big heart wasn’t satisfied. He actually wanted to MEET a child who needed the money.

When FM105.7 heard about Hunter’s wish, they made the arrangements. The station invited Hunter to join the morning show to meet a Miracle Child named Chase who had been helped by the Children’s Miracle Network. The radio hosts interviewed Chase’s mother who explained Chase’s health challenges and then they had Hunter share his story so listeners could hear about his desire to give away his $500 Disney savings. Of course, there were cheers and high-fives all around and everyone involved was so amazed at Hunter’s heart. There was quite a celebration in the station. But the excitement didn’t end there.

A listener who was tuned in to FM105.7 was so moved by Hunter’s story and immediately called the station and matched Hunter’s donation! Another $500 for Children’s Miracle Network! For a second time, the station erupted with excitement. And then the phone rang again. This time a listener wanted to thank Hunter for his generosity and they gave him $250 to restock his Disney fund!

Hunter gave, expecting nothing in return. But a generous heart doesn’t go unrewarded. And in Hunter’s case it was perfect timing. Because Hunter will also be celebrating his birthday at Disney.

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