Turkey Toot 2017

2017 Turkey Toot BANN

The MASD Elementary Bands Invite You to Their Fall Informance!

Turkey Toot 2017

November 16, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Middletown Area Middle School

The Turkey Toot gives our audience a sneak peak on how we put together a band rehearsal.
The first year band will share with everyone our VERY FIRST band experience by
giving you a peek at our very first moment as a band, and what we sounded like at our first meeting
and then how we grew together in a short amount of time!
Students who are comfortable reading the music staff and their first five notes are invited to perform!

The second year band will share the journey of sight-reading to more prepared music.
Listen to our growth from sight-reading a piece to
coming prepared and ready to perform for our audience.

We’d love to share our journey with everyone and we
really love informing our family and friends at our annual Fall Informance.
Kick off your Holiday Season by gathering together for a musical night!

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