Teacher IMPACT Spotlight – Regina Knaub

Knaub.Gina BANN

When Mrs. Regina Knaub, MAMS Special Education Teacher, heard about a program which provides adaptive bicycles for children with disabilities, she went into action.

“Variety” is a non-profit in Pittsburgh which provides services and opportunities for children with disabilities. Variety launched a “My Bike” Program in 2012 which provides Rifton adaptive bikes that are individually customized to eligible children with disabilities. The bikes provide children the freedom of mounting a bike that suits their individual needs and the joy of riding alongside friends and family. Since the program kicked off, more than 1,200 bikes have been sponsored for eligible kids. Each bike costs $1800 to sponsor.

Mrs. Knaub knew that a student in her classroom by the name of Selena would benefit greatly from receiving her own bike. But a child/family must meet certain eligibility criteria to be considered for a bike. One of those criteria was the completion of an application. So Mrs. Knaub assisted Selena’s mother with the application and they crossed their fingers and waited.

In December 2016, Selena’s family received word that she was about to receive a new bike in time for Christmas! Selena proudly donned her bike helmet, mounted her new, shiny, red bike and went rolling on her way! Selena’s family was overjoyed. Thanks to the above-and-beyond helpfulness of Mrs. Knaub, Selena had a new found freedom. A gift that was much more than just a bike.


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